Tried To Warn You About Myself
My name is Kristi. I'm 16 and I live in the beautiful, bipolar, state called Oregon. I have no life or friends so I'm always blogging.
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no. no. no way in heck. i need prrof
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This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill, fifteen percent concentrated power of will, five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain, and a hundred percent reason to remember the name
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When you get shouted at for accidentally doing something bad


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if u wanna know what its like to be black in america just know that a black man is the president n even he has an open case on him

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this is the wrong color tricycle mom I hate you so much this is the worst birthday ever
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What A Catch, Donnie - Fall Out Boy/Vitamin String Quartet; The left ear is the official studio version by Fall Out Boy while the right ear is the official studio cover by the Vitamin String Quartet.

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"DC is better than Marvel"

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i want kids but im scared they’ll blame me if theyre ugly

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I love spontaneous sex. Like when you’re just watching tv and chatting and then you lean over to kiss her cheek but she kisses you back and pulls off your top and then she’s on top of you and whoops sexy times.

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